Made for at37's Text Based Adventure Game Jam. Follow Jenny, a girl who is "it" in a game of Hide and Seek, as she sets out to find more than she bargained for.


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Hello! Congrats on winning the game jam! If you could please give me a way to contact you then I would love to speak with you so I can quote you on the post that will be on my website! I did follow you on twitter so a follow back would allow me to message you I think. My twitter is @arjt27.

Thanks! Followed you on Twitter.


so when talking to the rabbit after getting the overall's there's a part I couldn't get past because I couldn't figure out how to make it scroll or read the rest of it to get the next option but it was interesting until that point 

my play through here:

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thank you for playing and for commenting! I will make changes so you can finish the game if you choose to give it another go!

Edit: I added scrollbars. I just got around to watch your video! I'm so sorry, please let me know what you think if you finish it.

I will! when I get home from work thanks for fixing it <3

playing through the entire game my thoughts at the end of the video